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Legal Documents Online Sale: Your last line of defense against file fraud, and your first!

The most accurate and thorough reference data for ID files and banknotes is included in our DocumentChecker database. DocumentChecker assists you in doing adequate document verification, which enhances your know-your-customer (KYC) and consumer due diligence (CDD) strategies. It also enables you to conduct manual anti-cash-laundering (AML) testing and protects your business from fraud.

Our databases form the foundation of all of our verification solutions and are based on more than a century’s worth of accumulated knowledge and comprehension in document verification.

All you want for trustworthy identity confirmation of Legal Documents Online

Keesing provides quick, accurate identity and ID document verification services that provide you the confidence of someone’s identity in real time. We provide trustworthy and secure identity verification wherever, at any time, to help you achieve your business goals.

Professionals and instruction

A world-class team of document experts is proudly employed by Keesing. These doc-3 certified specialists maintain a close eye on the most recent developments in fraud detection, ID document security, verification technology, and industry requirements while guaranteeing the integrity and quality of our database. Our professionals teach clients how to effectively combat fraud through our well-known teaching and training facility, the Keesing ID Academy, and offer them continuing assistance with document review.

Unparalleled worldwide ID coverage

DocumentChecker, the most extensive global reference source for authentic ID papers and banknotes, is owned and operated by Keesing.

All of Keesing’s products are powered by the DocumentChecker database, which has high-quality pictures and thorough descriptions of thousands of passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, residency permits, visas, and currencies from all over the world.

Excellent experts you can rely on

Keesing, which has its headquarters in Amsterdam and is based in Europe, employs excellent professionals that are both affable and knowledgeable. You can rely on Keesing to listen to your problems and suggestions, assist you in selecting and customizing one of our cutting-edge solutions, and then smoothly integrate that product into your business processes. Our staff members include ID document specialists, sales representatives, customer service representatives, and our tech team.

However, the partnership doesn’t end there. Keesing is always accessible to respond to your inquiries, resolve technical problems, and accommodate modifications to your company’s daily schedule.

Complete identity confirmation

Extensive identification document verification and biometric identity confirmation in tandem.

Worldwide ID coverage

The biggest ID reference database in the world, containing ID documents from more than 200 nations.

Quick, Precise, and Dependable

Instantaneous, reliable verification outcomes determined by the best ratings for correctness.

A Reliable Source

Our services are trusted by more than 2,000 governmental and commercial clients globally.

Modern identity verification is provided by legitglobaldocs, which helps businesses automate security standards and compliance needs while streamlining processes.