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Get the best currency deals from our company. We exchange foreign currencies and help you move from one country to another smoothly, without any worries. Our rates are way far better than some of the forex bureau. We do business online, so you don’t have to visit our offices physically.

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Get the best business consultation services in the world. We always help you build and grow your company. Value for your money is guaranteed when you choose our professional services.

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Buy real and fake documents online, including passports, license, and IDs at affordable rates. We have invested in technology, and we will register your documents on the state database. We provide both fake and real documents online.

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Buy Real And Fake Documents Online


Do you need real or fake documents? Whether you are new to the country or have just lost your real documents, you need a reliable partner to give you the best legit documents. At Legit Global Docs, we ensure that you are safe with your legit documents. You can easily buy real documents online with us.

For the time being, getting a fake document is essential, and we are an accomplished fake documents maker. We serve many countries, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and many other European countries. We also cater to the market needs of Asian and African countries. Being an experienced agency in the industry, we will get you the necessary documents at the earliest.


Whether you have just landed in America from a different country or have been a resident of the country for many years, we can help you get the required documents like a driver’s license, identity cards, passport, etc. If you are an immigrant, you can even buy real documents online at Legit Global Docs. We know that time is of essence to you, and we ensure that your order for legit documents online is delivered to you at the earliest.

Our Services

At Legit Global Docs, we offer a broad range of services, from providing documents to exchanging currencies to especially immigrants. Since it takes a while to gain your original documents from the authorities, our documents can help you migrate through the US seamlessly. Our primary focus is on providing genuine fake and real documents such as licenses, passports, and identity cards. We cover all the states’ documents, and we can give them on even short notice. So, you can buy fake driver’s license easily. You can contact our executives over e-mail and call-lines, and they will prepare the documents and have them delivered to you at the moment of your arrival. You can buy real and fake documents online like a passport, residence permit, etc. Our currency exchange deals are far better than any other forex bureau. We exchange Euros, Sterling pounds, US dollar, Yen, Yuan, among others. So, you can buy foreign currency online from us. Our complete list of currencies and their exchange rates is given below, and we regularly update the foreign currency exchange rates. You can order foreign currency online immediately from your phone or tablet. Our customer care representatives are available all the time, and they will respond immediately after you reach out to us. We are here to make your life easy in the states.


Fake Legal Document

Our real documents are very legit and are recognized by all state departments. We always register the

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Fake currency

We also offer currency services, where we sell different currencies to our clients. Don’t be stressed

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Why Choose Us

LegitGlobalDocs is a US reputable company that has been in the industry for a very long time, and therefore, you have nothing to worry about when working with us. We deliver quality real and fake legit documents online to our clients across the world. Our company has invested in modern technology to ensure that we produce quality and legal documents for all our customers. On the other hand, we have done extensive work in collaborating with different immigration agencies in different countries. That means any country where we offer our services, our documents are very legit and you can use them without any problems.


What our Clients Say

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I’ve been using Gcal for the past few years. Since then, generating the listings for my weekly newsletter has been a snap! Now, I can’t imagine doing w“I really do have to say how wonderful the team is. Ordering foreign currency online on Legit Global Docs is an easy process that you can sail through. It is safe, easy and convenient. On top of those all, it was quick. I also got a good exchange rate for the foreign currency that I bought. You guys are awesome.”ithout it.​
Cynthia Assini
“I’m usually averse to buy documents online. It was after days of online researching that I found Legit Global Docs. I wanted to buy US passport online. The team promptly contacted me and guided me with the whole process. All that I did was to provide them with the necessary details and I got my passport easily. Well connected and helpful team. A team that sets the highest standards of service and complete customer satisfaction.100% recommended.”
Julia Clarke
“Legit Global Docs is the go to place for buying real and fake documents. They are the best. I run a traveling agency & I was worried about the documents of my clients. I contacted the team and they were thoroughly helpful. I’m happy that I found Legit Global Docs. They helped us to buy visa online and saved a lot of troubles for myself and my clients. Thanks a lot.”
Jacob Adams

Frequently Asked Question

How does the process of getting the documents work?

Everything is easy when you decide buy real and fake documents online at Legit Global Docs, all you need is to contact us through our email address, and our representative will get back to you within the shortest time possible with all the information you need about our services. However, the first step is to book the production of the documents you need by contacting our help desk, provide the necessary details, and pay the required deposit. You can either pay all the amount or depending on the documents you need you can agree with our customer help desk representative to pay a certain percentage then the rest after we finish our job. We serve customer across the world, and you can check the list of the countries on our website. On the other hand, we also make sure that we deliver your documents within the shortest time possible to avoid inconveniencing your activities. If you are in a foreign country since documents are not that heavy, we will send them using the most reliable and trusted courier service providers. However, make sure that our customer care representatives provide you with all our terms and conditions before you proceed to make your order.

What makes LegitGlobalDocs the best Real and Fake document service provider?

We have invested heavily in technology and experienced staff to ensure that we provide our clients with quality services. Our experience in the industry also gives us the benefit of the doubt. We have served millions of clients in different countries, and they are all happy. We are a reputable company that helps clients get legal documents within the shortest time possible. Our reasonable pricing doesn’t compromise the quality of our services. Just contact us anytime you need fake or real documents, and we will be more than willing to serve you.

How much should I pay for your services?

Our prices depend on the documents you need or any other service. There is a price list on our website, but we advise that you contact our customer help desk representatives to provide you with all relevant details and pricing. You can strike a deal to pay a specified deposit before, then the other amount after we finish our job.

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For any queries or doubts regarding our services, feel free to contact us anytime. Please take a moment to fill the required information and our team we get back to you as soon as possible.